Is your Australian family law practice running at full speed?

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Family Law Practice Management

Get access to over 170 precedents and 13 pre-built workflows, designed specifically for Australian family law practices. Simply choose your matter type, and flow through the steps to a resolution. 

Combine this with Actionstep's feature-rich solution that gives you -

  • Intelligent time tracking
  • One-click conflict check
  • Document automation
  • Billing & accounting

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Family Law Add-On for Actionstep

"Actionstep is incredibly accessible and logical, making the practice of family law that little bit easier… It is almost like having a PA in your pocket… Even though I am already ‘up and running’ with this user-friendly product, I just know there are countless features I have yet to discover to further increase efficiency and productivity."

-Leith Sinclair, LS Family Law